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Arizona Schutzhund Club Partnership. Endurance. Power.

Obedience is the common thread that runs through all three phases of the schutzhund/IPO sport. It is of the UTMOST importance in the protection phase. We will guide you to an excellence in obedience that is demanded in this sport.


Schutzhund/IPO is a sport involving teamwork. The dog and handler function as a team. Our goal and training philosophy is to teach handler and dog to function as a

Our Clubs Philosophy

Schutzhund/IPO is a three-phase sport routine involving tracking, obedience, and protection.

Team, each with its own responsibilities as a team member. Not all dogs are capable physically or mentally of achieving titles. Our aim is to help you and your dog to achieve the highest level you are both capable of attaining, and develop a working relationship. Perfection is not an option for every handler or every dog. The important thing is progression. It is therefore expected that you both progress in your knowledge and skill.


Since Schutzhund/IPO is a three-phase sport, members are expected to participate in all three phases. In other words, if tracking and obedience are not evident in your training program, then you will not be permitted to participate in the protection work. Naturally, all dogs mature at different rates. Thus your training plan may at times focus more on one area or another. We will assist you in designing a training plan that best meets the needs of you and your dog.


As a training club, our goal is to train you to train your dog. No one is an expert. Some of us have more experience than others, but even the experienced can gain insight and knowledge.

We are always learning.  


As a club, we function through teamwork. As a member of that team, we expect you to learn through observation and participation. One of your responsibilities will be to ask for and seek guidance. As a functioning part of the whole team, do not be afraid to ask someone to assist or critique you in your performance. It is sometimes difficult for you to know how you are handling your dog, and how your dog is responding to your handling techniques. Thus we encourage you to ask one of the experienced members to watch your training and assist or guide as needed. It is our aim to help you teach your dog properly from the beginning.


As a team member, it is important to support our members on trial day. As a nervous competitor, there is nothing so gratifying as to have a fellow club member give a word of encouragement before entering or leaving the trial field. Your support is needed, and greatly appreciated. By supporting all members, and encouraging all members to do the very best they can, we will be a club that exists as a team. We hope that all can be successful, and achieve their goals.  Most importantly we want to have fun doing it.


The Arizona Schutzhund Club is a small group of 10 to 12 people.  We occasionally have an opening for new members.  

We train with motivational methods

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